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Grape City Announces Several Product Updates

Submitted by Grape City

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Grape City has been quietly innovating and adding features across its product lines. Get all of the details behind some the key announcements over the last quarter.

This year, GrapeCity celebrated 20 years of .NET with Microsoft. With the help of this innovative platform, GrapeCity has produced several thriving .NET products that helped empower enterprise development across the globe. Check out GrapeCity’s long history and partnership with Microsoft here.

Once again, GrapeCity and several products were listed in ComponentSource’s 2022 best-selling listing. View the full list here.

In the first major release of 2022, ComponentOne delivers new and exciting controls for Blazor and .NET 6, along with feature enhancements for the .NET frameworks.

In the SpreadJS v15 release, the team has added many customer-requested features that will help accelerate spreadsheet development and user acceptance. 

ActiveReportsJS v3 introduces new features and enhancements that improve the product experience for developers, report authors, and end-users.

In the first major release of 2022, Wijmo launches new reference applications and improvements to FlexGrid and other components.