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40 Stories: Kevin Murphy of Greenshaw Consulting

Synthesizing complex projects is…well, complex! Developing and enacting strategies to finish products and projects requires the level of expertise and leadership that Greenshaw Consulting offers. The Tech Council’s Sheena Carroll recently spoke with Kevin Murphy, owner of Greenshaw Consulting, about his management process, his endeavors in craft brewing, and the benefits and potential of the Pittsburgh tech industry:


SC: Can you tell me a bit about Greenshaw Consulting?

MURPHY: We help founders and entrepreneurs get their nights and weekends back by providing project management and product development services. We help to build and run project and product teams, so that the founders and executives can focus more on strategically building their organizations.


Kevin Murphy. Greenshaw ConsultingSC: What is your approach to this management process?

MURPHY: I have a framework, but it’s very high-level because every client that I work with is different. It’s based on how long they’ve been around and the industry that they’re in, but the biggest variable is always the people. You must customize the process to the individuals within the organization to make it work. It’s all independent for every single client.


SC: Greenshaw Consulting is based in Glenshaw, PA. Also based in Glenshaw is your brewing endeavor, Acrospire – can you tell me more?

MURPHY: Yeah – Acrospire Brewing Company was founded by the other owners, Greg and Eric. They opened their doors in February 2020 and of course, we all know what happened around March. But it worked out pretty well; it leveled the playing field because Acrospire didn’t have a tap room at the time. We all go to the same church, so I knew Greg and Eric well enough to say hello. Greg, our brewer, makes great beer. My wife and I became some of Acrospire’s biggest customers during the pandemic, going in for growler fills. Then I started to volunteer there on the weekends, just for fun. They knew what I did for my day job with Greenshaw Consulting and thought that it would be helpful for the business as they were growing. And so, I joined the ownership group a couple years ago.


SC: It sounds like you are always keeping busy!

MURPHY: Yes. Luckily, I have a very supportive wife, Katie. She’s a great support system and helps on the home front – we have three boys and she’s always hustling them around to do different things. She’s been incredibly supportive of both businesses.


SC: What are your thoughts on the future of technology in Pittsburgh?

MURPHY: It’s amazing to see the growth in Pittsburgh during the past 5 to 10 years, and I think that it’s only going to accelerate from here. We’ve seen some industries really take off in Pittsburgh – we’re known for our healthcare and robotics. I think that we will grow and expand into other industries, but also keep Pittsburgh its own thing. We don’t need to be like Silicon Valley or New York or Boston. We’re going to maintain our Pittsburgh roots, our toughness and resilience. Jobs and resources will continue to grow, hopefully for all of Pittsburgh – not just CMU and Pitt graduates, but for everybody in the community.


SC: Why did you join the Pittsburgh Technology Council?

MURPHY: Good question! I only joined about a year ago. I think the only reason that I waited that long was impostor syndrome. You know, look at all these amazing companies, big and small, young and old, doing these incredible things. When I started off almost six years ago, it was just me, and I was a little hesitant to join. I knew about the Tech Council and had been to some events, and eventually I said, “Hey, I’ve been around for a while. I’ve worked with some of these companies, and I know that I can help them.” And so, I joined the Tech Council to help build relationships with the Council staff and members. You are incredible, always very supportive and willing to make introductions.

I am part of the Tech Council to make relationships. If I can help somebody, great, or it might just be me steering them to somebody else that I know or have worked with. If I can directly help, that’s great, but it’s all about supporting the Pittsburgh tech ecosystem and helping everybody to rise.

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