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Hänel Storage Systems Sponsors Leader Dogs for the Blind

Submitted by Hänel Storage Systems

Hänel Storage Systems, a leader in the manufacture and integration of automated vertical storage solutions throughout North America, has announced it will sponsor a puppy from the Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester Hills, MI.

Portillo is a five-month-old female Labrador/golden retriever mix, currently being raised in Illinois by a volunteer family.  Her personality is described as bold and inquisitive, and her own tail is her favorite toy.  The host home puppy raisers will teach basic obedience, house manners, and socialize her in their community.

She is one of more than 400 puppies being raised across the US to become the eyes and ears of someone who is blind.

After one year, Portillo will go to the Leader Dog campus for an intensive four-month training period to build her guide dog skills.  Ultimately, she will be matched with a companion, and they will train together for 25 days to learn how to travel safely.  When they return home, Portillo’s partner will then have the freedom, companionship, and lifelong skills for safe and independent mobility.

“Many of our employees are dog owners, so we’ve been known to become involved in various canine charities over the years,” said Brian Cohen, Chief Executive.  “I’m originally from the Chicago area, and during the holidays, we like to order food from the Portillo’s restaurant chain for a company luncheon.  When we learned that Leader Dogs for the Blind had a puppy named Portillo available for sponsorship, we felt it was meant to be.” 

Since 1939, Leader Dogs for the Blind has offered a highly respected and innovative guide dog curriculum.  Leader Dog programs empower people who are blind, visually impaired, or deaf-blind with the skills they need for a lifetime of safe and independent travel that increases their confidence and health, reconnects them with their community, and opens doors to education and meaningful employment.

About Hänel Storage Systems

Founded in Germany in 1953, Hänel’s North American headquarters has been located in Pittsburgh, PA since it was established in 1984.  Hänel Storage Systems specializes in the design and engineering of Rotomat® vertical storage carousels and Lean-Lift® Vertical Lift Modules for a wide range of industries and applications.  Hänel provides sales, service and technical support to North and South America through a network of factory-trained channel partners and service providers.

Introduced in 1957, the Rotomat® Vertical Carousel is based on the Ferris Wheel principal.  Inventory is stored in a series of carriers that rotate within an enclosed unit and are accessed at a single opening.  This vertical “goods to the user” concept improves productivity, lowers costs, increases security and saves valuable floor space.

Introduced in 1994, the Lean-Lift® Vertical Lift Module stores inventory on trays that are automatically measured for height each time they enter the unit. A vertical extractor places each tray within the unit in a location that maximizes available storage space.  Trays can be equipped with dividers, totes, bins and specialized holders to store any type of inventory.

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