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Lend Launches Platform to Borrow Almost Anything on June 18!

Submitted by Lend

Lend AppLend, an app-based rental marketplace that provides individuals who own commonly used products an opportunity to participate in the rental market, is officially launching its platform to the public on June 18.

Users can sign up today at to be positioned as one of the first lenders for your niche market and gain a following while also being automatically entered for a chance to win $1,000 in Amazon gift cards!

Post items to make money from products laying around your house, or buy products to create a low-cost side business. Existing rental companies can also create a business profile and upload their own inventory for people and other companies to rent. This provides the renter an opportunity to see the full spectrum of their local rental market.

Party rentals, tools, clothing, sports equipment, electronics, college books, photography, household items, landscaping; you are able post and rent nearly anything. Lend aims to provide an opportunity for people to make money renting their products to others locally, consumers to save money renting from a wider range of options, and businesses a chance to earn more by reaching a new demographic.