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Management Science Associates Announces Ownership Transfer

Submitted by Management Science Associates

Management Science Associates, Inc. (MSA), a Pittsburgh headquartered research, analytics, informatics, and consulting firm, has created a new corporate ownership structure to secure continuity of its sixty-year history of answering questions, identifying opportunities, and solving real-world problems for businesses, institutions and government, helping them put their data to work.

MSA was founded in 1963 by Dr. Alfred A. Kuehn after ten years on the faculty of Carnegie Mellon University’s GSIA, now known as the Tepper Business School, based initially on his ground-breaking work studying dynamics of consumer purchasing behavior. While available data analytic tools and techniques and the IT computing fabric have exploded by orders of magnitude since then, the principles behind looking for solutions to unstructured problems and extracting them from data using informatics has not.

On November 9, 2023, Dr. Kuehn transferred all MSA ownership to the MSA Purpose Trust and the Dr. Alfred A. Kuehn Innovation Institute. With this innovative ownership structure, MSA and Dr. Kuehn have built a framework for others to pursue his efforts, and preserved MSA’s ability to continue in perpetuity his life-long passion for innovation and quantitative approaches to problem solving.

“We are so appreciative of these changes Dr. Kuehn has initiated to MSA’s ownership structure” said Joe Reddy, MSA President. “This institutionalizes the contributions that many have made in the past, allowing the current MSA team to focus on client and employee opportunities and challenges without distracting concerns about MSA’s future corporate structure. This offers a stable and visionary platform for future generations of MSA employees and clients to pursue career interests, adding their contributions to what has been achieved over the past 60 years.”

The MSA Purpose Trust perpetually protects ownership of MSA as a R&D independent business, enabling it to continue operating as a private for-profit company for the benefit of MSA’s clients, employees and partners.

A portion of MSA’s profits will be directed to the Dr. Alfred A. Kuehn Innovation Institute, a social welfare non-profit organization whose mission includes research using advanced data analytical techniques, promoting and influencing public policies to improve health, wellness and other benefits for general population. MSA funding, in addition to the Institute’s own activities, will assist exploring ways to help human populations extend their meaningful lifespans.

This extraordinary gift from Dr. Alfred A. Kuehn embodies his lifelong passion for learning, creativity, and innovation, and ensures that MSA and the Dr. Alfred A. Kuehn Innovation Institute will have the opportunity to build on his visionary legacy.

About MSA

Management Science Associates, Inc. performs research and engineers and commercializes information-based models, processes and systems for industry and government.

Since 1963, MSA has partnered with customers to identify areas in which innovative analytics and applications of data and systems can drive growth and create efficiency.

By 1969 MSA was servicing 70 Leading CPG firms in the United States from its Pittsburgh PA, New York NY, and Chicago IL offices, and opening MSA Ltd in London UK.

Combining its expertise with the tools of information management, analytics, data management, and systems engineering and support, MSA develops, integrates, implements, and maintains solutions, services and products in various functional and vertical domains.

Within a process, department, an enterprise, or across a demand chain, MSA helps customers put their data to work.