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Let's Make A Little History

By Jonathan Kersting

The Pittsburgh region is literally sitting on the opportunity of a lifetime! Nearly $63 million from the Build Back Better Regional Challenge (BBBRC) are being focused to build our region's robotics and autonomous technology sectors through strategic investments in five key projects.

From helping startups get off the ground to connecting a diverse workforce, the projects are all intertwined to not just grow robotics and autonomy companies, but an entire ecosystem around them.

Back in 2021, The Regional Industrial Development  Corporation (RIDC) published its Forefront: Securing Pittsburgh’s Break-out Position in Autonomous Mobile Systems Study, noting: "If a region with a robust and well-supported technology ecosystem were to capture even 1% of the $1 trillion global autonomous mobile systems market, it would equate to a $10 billion growth opportunity developing within the next decade."

With the Pittsburgh region recognized as one of the top innovation centers around robotics and autonomy in the world, it could be
assumed that we have a decent headstart. However, competition is fierce and the BBBRC could be the extra spark we need to ensure our competitiveness. If our region can rally behind the BBBRC, it could create just the right amount of momentum needed for a sustainable boost to our economy that impacts everyone.

I could not be more excited about this issue of On RAMP as we are dedicating 100 percent of our coverage to the New Economy Collaborative and the BBBRC. There are many opportunities for our readers to engage in BBBRC programs.

Whether you are starting a robotics/autonomy company from the ground up, would like to integrate autonomous technology into your manufacturing operations, connect with a diverse supplier base or get your business ready to tap into this amazing technology sector, this issue can get you on your way toward success.

I truly believe that this is an opportunity of a lifetime. We are watching history being made. I hope that everyone who wants to come along for the ride will get on board. Building a vibrant region anchored with a robust robotics and autonomy industry will require all of us.