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Mayvue Solutions Brings Mobile-First Approach to Industry

By Sheena Carroll

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Mayvue Solutions TEQ MagazinePittsburgh is a city of bridges, but it has also gained a reputation as a city of aging infrastructure. The collapse of the Fern Hollow Bridge in January 2022 was just the most recent and severe example of this; according to PennDOT’s Bridge Conditions Map, 173 bridges in Allegheny County are reported to be in “Poor Condition.”

But Pittsburgh is far from the only city struggling with bridge maintenance; across the continental U.S., aging infrastructure is an increasing concern. Mayvue Solutions is currently working with over 40 states to provide software solutions to resolve this issue.

Founded in 2019, Mayvue is the premier software solutions provider to public agencies for inspecting and maintaining bridges. They have quickly rose to attention, being chosen as one of Pittsburgh Business Times’ Fast 50 2022, which tracks the fastest-growing companies in Pittsburgh, and as one of its 2022 Best Places to Work. Mayvue was also nominated for the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s 2022 Tech 50 Innovator of the Year.

Mayvue is the custodian of AASHTOWare Bridge Management software, referred to as BrM, the primary bridge management software for transportation agencies across the United States. This software has been in use for roughly 30 years, but federal standards for bridge inspections have recently been updated – which means that in 2023, AASHTOWare BrM will be undergoing a massive overhaul.

“It’s a huge task,” says Rob Schultz, Program Manager at Mayvue. “The software has already seen multiple evolutions in the past years, and it’s very large and robust.”

Along with this overhaul, Mayvue has released a mobile app designed to make the task of bridge inspections safer and more efficient. The Mobile Bridge Inspection app is on IOS and Android and can be used on the field via tablet or smartphone. It enables inspectors to work completely offline, pulling down the last inspection and letting them measure and report updates. It allows them to take and upload pictures, as well as draw and leave notes on these pictures for reference. It also offers a speech-to-text feature for notetaking.

Mayvue Solutions TEQ Magazine“We’re currently working with several DOTs to evolve their bridge inspection program into a mobile-first approach,” Schultz explained. “The app can be used on rugged iPads or Android tablets out in the field, but it works great on your mobile phone, too. We deliberately designed it to work across a wide array of devices so that you can conduct an inspection on whatever device you have on you.”

AASHTOWare BrM enables agencies to look across the entire life of the bridge and forecast needed improvements years in advance. This helps public agencies determine how and when to allot money for specific needs.

Schultz provides an example: “Let’s say that I know this bridge is going to be around for 100 years. I’m not going to be here in 100 years, but I can look at how it’s been deteriorating, its geographic location, and I can forecast  that, in five years, we’re going to have to replace the entire deck or that we should paint the bridge because that protects it. Agencies can then come up with a plan for the life of the bridge and how to keep it in the best condition possible. The software lets agencies complete analysis on an asset level, but it also lets them step back and look at their entire inventory.”

While Mayvue does not work with PennDOT (they have their own custom software solution), Mayvue does focus on hiring within the Pittsburgh region – not only are many of the founding employees from the area, but they’ve also found a large talent pool here. The company has found great success in securing workers who are green to the software development industry but whose non-conventional backgrounds stoke creative methods and solutions. Developers aren’t just developers, Schultz notes. They’re also problem solvers.

“It’s a huge task,” says Rob Schultz, Program Manager at Mayvue. “The software has already seen multiple evolutions in the past years, and it’s very large and robust.”

It is not surprising that Mayvue is considered one of Pittsburgh’s best employers: it offers a robust benefits package (including unlimited PTO) and a company culture that provides all employees with opportunities to view the organization from a macro level to better understand how they and Mayvue are reaching their goals together.

The company even has an in-house awards ceremony – the Mayview Moment Award, which was inspired by the company’s origins. Mayvue exists because founder Josh Lang sold his dream home on Mayview Road, and using the funds, he took the “big, bold step” of starting the company. The Mayview Moment Awards are for employees who also take big, bold steps in their work.

Mayvue is a company that takes care of its employees, but also seeks to protect every member of the “traveling public” who uses the nation’s aging roads every day.

Schultz says of Mayvue’s goals: “We want you to never have to second guess if you should cross that bridge or not.”

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