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Made in PA and OnRAMP Flipbooks


New Economy Collaborative


MEPPI: Leading the Charge!

Astrobotic Makes a Moonshot


On Ramp Issue 7: LANXESS

On RAMP Issue 8: Moonshot Museum


On Ramp Issue 4 Astrobotic: This Pittsburgh startup is taking payloads and robots to the moon.

On Ramp Issue 5 Matric: See how this electronics manufacturer continues to innovate after 50 years in business.

On Ramp Issue 6 Robotics Investment inPittsburgh


On RAMP Issue 1 Neighborhood 91: Building a complete additive manufacturing ecosystem next to Pittsburgh International Airport.

On Ramp Issue 2 COVID-19: Top strategies for manufacturers to get their workers back to work safely.

On Ramp Issue 3 Bayer Radiology: Bayer's Pittsburgh Radiology Division continues to grow and innovate


Made in PA Winter 2019: Learn what's driving growth and innovarion at Matric. Plus we take a deep dive into the opportunities in counties to the east of Pittsburgh.

Made in PA Spring 2019: Learn all about Gerome Manufacturing in Fayette County, as well WVU's vast research and developmental efforts. Plus, get the latest on Southpointe as a commerce center.


Made in PA Winter 2018: Made in PA focuses on the resources, talent and business opportunities in Indiana County. 

Made in PA Spring 2018: Made in PA profiles Compunetics 50th anniversary and takes a look at Cambria County.

Made in PA Summer 2018: Made in PA explores Catalyst Connection's 30 years serving manufacturers.

Made in PA Fall 2018: Check out how ARM Institute is helping manufacturers integrate robotics into their operations. Plus special coverage of Butler County. 


Made in PA Winter 2017: Made in PA talks to Koppers' Leroy Ball about transforming the company through innovation and safety.

Made in PA Spring 2017: Made in PA explores all of the opportunity and resources in Cambria County with Johnstown at the epicenter. 

Made in PA Summer 2017: Made in PA looks at energy and environmental technology companies in Pittsburgh. Plus, there's more coverage from Cambria County.


Made In PA Winter 2016: Made in PA explores the issues and trends facing advanced manufacturers. It also looks at success stories and offers business-building advice and inspiration. This issue looks at Boss Controls, the Design Jam and Howick.

Made in PA Spring 2016: Made in PA Spring 2016 talks to PPG’s new CTO David Bem. Plus we profile BoXZY, Wristocat, Evive Station, and more. Get insight on exporting, process, and warehousing technology.

Made in PA Summer 2016: Made in PA explores Eaton’s Beaver County manufacturing facility along with profiles of B-Three Solutions, Chorus Call and insights from Business Forward.

Made in PA Fall 2016: Learn about Michael Baker's LiDAR-driven big data bounty! Plus, profiles on IAM Robotics, Gray Matter Systems and Ace Spring. 


Made in PA Spring 2015: Made in PA explores manufacturing across the Commonwealth with a profile on Oberg Industries. Plus we take a look at PEPRO and Optimus Technologies. We also have great business building advice from Catalyst Connection. Louis Plung and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Made in PA Summer 2015: This issue of Made in Pa looks at the next generation of manufacturing. US Steel, GE, Wind Stax, Calvin Carbon and more lead the way. Plus we have great business building columns from Louis Plung, Catalyst Connection and m2Technology. 

Made in PA Fall 2015: Made in PA explores the issues and trends facing advanced manufacturers. It also looks at success stories and offers business-building advice and inspiration. This issue looks at Covestro, Green Gorilla and more.


Made in PA Fall 2014: Made in PA convert industry trends in southwestern Pennsylvania’s growing advanced manufacturing sectors, detailing best management/operations practices and profiling regional manufacturers finding success in the marketplace.