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40 Stories: Patrick Mondi of's Technology is Used Around the World is in the business of autonomous mobile robotics, and business is good! With over 100 customers globally, builds on the pioneering work of Carnegie Robotics to produce custom autonomy solutions for industrial and commercial applications. While the company has some exciting new things coming in warehousing and logistics,’s current work largely surrounds the autonomous cleaning industry. Their cleaning robots can be found scrubbing at Pittsburgh International Airport, PPG Paints Arena, Acrisure Stadium, and numerous schools and hospitals.

The Tech Council’s Jonathan Kersting recently spoke with CEO Patrick Mondi about his experiences as a Council member and where he sees the future of tech:

Patrick Mondi of Thoro.aiJK: Where would you like to see Pittsburgh tech in 40 years?

MONDI: Well, I was talking to a venture capitalist who says that Pittsburgh reminds him of where Seattle was 10-15 years ago. And that's a nice analogy. But I really think that we're different in the products that we're producing. The way that we attack things is consistent with Pittsburgh's heritage. We're known as the Steel City because our industrial output helped to create the modern world. And now today, what we're doing in Pittsburgh is leading edge, with advancements in robotics, autonomous deliveries, biotech, and healthcare…it is reflective of our history with a lot of substance, with real-world problems at its core.

I think in many ways, we're different than other tech hotbeds in the world. And on that basis, I think we can be really excited about Pittsburgh's future being substantive, attacking real problems and just being consistent with what made Pittsburgh great, what makes Pittsburgh great and what Pittsburgh contributes to the world.

JK: Why did join the Pittsburgh Technology Council?

MONDI: The Pittsburgh Tech Council helps companies—small, huge, and everything in between—to connect, grow and ultimately thrive. And the reach and resources—the Tech Council helps businesses to enter new markets and attract the best talent. So, for me and my team, it's just smart to be a part of the Tech Council and we're proud to be associated with it.

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