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PTC Member Spotlight Shines on Sycor Americas

Profile Submitted by Sycor

The Pittsburgh Technology Council loves introducing new members to the world. We have members that cut across the ecosystem. Let's take a look at Sycor Americas a tech company in Pittsburgh.

1. Give us the elevator pitch for SYCOR.

SYCOR AMERICAS is proud to call Pittsburgh the home of our North American Headquarters.  We deliver a wide variety of IT services, with our core focus on:

  • Implementation and support services for Microsoft’s ERP solution, Dynamics 365 F&O
  • Implementation and support services for SAP ERP solutions
  • Sycor.Rental – Microsoft D365 F&O solution for rental and recurring revenue
  • Transition and support services related to the Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Microsoft Volume Licensing and Compliance

Our Pittsburgh based team is ready to help support all of your IT needs.

2. Tell us about being in Pittsburgh and the opportunities it is creating for you.

When SYCOR AMERICAS selected Pittsburgh as our North American headquarters – the main reason was to follow several of our global SAP customers from Germany. In addition, Pittsburgh has afforded SYCOR many opportunities – the recruiting of new employees from our rich technology based  Pittsburgh environment,  a strong mixture of global companies, an international airport that simplifies our travel needs, good networking opportunities especially with the PTC and a global community that enhances our employees social life.

3. Tell us how SYCOR concentrates on specific market verticals with specific products.

We’ve seen many companies looking to rental or recurring revenue business models and transitioning from selling products to selling services. Our solution Sycor.Rental, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O, makes it easier to manage your rental or product-as-a-service business by combining all processes in one system – from your rental process chain and inventory to your financials, sales, and service.

In addition to the rental market – SYCOR offers a strong focus on Manufacturing Companies for our Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Solution and SAP.

4. During the pandemic SYCOR released a contact tracing app. Can you give us details on it?

Many companies will be or already are navigating how to get back to the office while protecting their employees. Sycor’s Back2Work app allows companies to easily implement social distancing regulations during the transition phase. You can reserve a space in the office, log in once you’re there, and track who you’ve been in contact with – all from a PowerApp integrated with SharePoint Online and Office/Microsoft 365. The app is available for iOS and Android devices and is free to use!  Please see additional product information on the attachments.

5. What big trends is SYCOR paying attention to?

As we touched on above, we’ve seen a big trend in businesses moving from selling products to selling services and we believe we’ll see more and more of this product-as-a-service model.

Predictive and prescriptive maintenance are other trends we’ve been focusing on. More companies are asking for these capabilities and thanks to Microsoft technology, we’re able to provide such functionality more and more.

Along with all of our ERP solutions that we offer – have a flexible interface that allows for easy work from home capabilities.