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TruSummit Solutions Brings an Innovative Results-Driven Approach to Salesforce Implementation

Press Release Submitted by TruSummit Solutions

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A focus on digital transformation has been a common theme amongst the most successful companies over the past decade.

The adoption of this mindset has further accelerated over the past year. A vital component of this new way of working is having a sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) function. Salesforce has emerged as the go-to solution for many companies; however, those organizations often overlook the intricacies of leveraging such a sophisticated platform, as well as the effort required to implement them.

TruSummit Solutions is a Salesforce implementation partner that differentiates itself through its focus on holistic enablement, setting clients up for long-term success. They collaborate closely with clients to identify and remedy unanticipated technical debt – the difference between an investment in technology and the value realized. Jordan Joltes founded TruSummit Solutions, a woman-owned small business, responding to the need for a more comprehensive approach to CRM enablement. Calling on more than a decade of experience, Jordan established her firm as a top-performing Salesforce implementation partner.

“In my experience, companies often realize less value from Salesforce than they had envisioned. This is a robust, expensive tool with inherent complexity, and it isn’t easy to master,” said Ms. Joltes. “I created TruSummit Solutions to help clients harness the full power of Salesforce. This includes embedding the processes and governance needed to maximize the return on their investment. We use quantifiable measures to define the collective success with our clients.”

Overwhelmingly positive client feedback has proven the impact of TruSummit’s approach. From here, Ms. Joltes plans to scale her company to bring the same empowerment to additional organizations. She remarked on this growth: “Many companies have these sorts of challenges but don’t have the resources or know-how to overcome them. That’s where we come in. By driving awareness of this solution and its long-term value, we can help many more companies reach their potential.”

About TruSummit Solutions

TruSummit Solutions is a certified Salesforce implementation partner that focuses on holistic enablement including consulting, design, strategy, implementation, and governance - setting clients up for long-term success. They help companies leverage Salesforce as a key component of their digital ecosystem, leading comprehensive implementations that connect people to each other and to the information they need. Through this approach, organizations will eliminate technical debt, implement a sound governance strategy, and enable their business to reach its growth potential.