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All Water Systems Services Local Manufacturers Since 1980

Current Profile
By Elizabeth Byrnes All Water Systems (AWS) is the area’s leading water treatment equipment and technology company specializing in complete water treatment systems designed to meet customers’ specific industrial and commercial applications. Based in Turtle Creek, they have been serving the tri-state area since 1980. Robert Hoolahan, CEO, recognized an opportunity when steel was the driving industry in Pittsburgh. Manufacturers were selling water treatment equipment to steel and other industries, but no one was servicing the equipment. That was when Hoolahan began All Water Systems by selling and servicing water softeners and filtration systems. Since then, AWS found a niche in the commercial and industrial sectors and focused on building, installing and servicing water treatment systems. Over the past four decades, the company has become known primarily for two things: portable exchange deionizers and reverse osmosis systems. What many people don’t realize is just how much the company offers. Not only does AWS offer a complete line of water treatment systems and components, but it also offers custom solutions like automatic filters and strainers, ultraviolet and ozone disinfection, automatic pump and control equipment, as well as PLC-based control panels. When it comes to industrial and commercial applications, AWS is the single-source supplier providing a complete range of related products and services, including: equipment supply, installation, startup, expert field service, planned maintenance programs, consulting and system design assistance, according to Hoolahan. “Innovation is another part of our total water treatment solution at AWS,” said Hoolahan. “In addition to designing, installing and maintaining systems and solutions, we also embrace innovation and use our expertise to develop new solutions in new areas.” Hoolahan continued: “Much like Pittsburgh, AWS has innovated and grown over the years. At our inception we supplied the blue-collar industry throughout the city. As we watch the city transform from the steel capital of the world to one of the leading tech and medical cities in America, we see ourselves evolving as well. Staying true to our roots, industrial applications are still the bread and butter of what we do here at AWS, but we now utilize new and proven technologies in high purity water that expand our reach into the growing medical and technical industries.” AWS has an outstanding reputation for service. Its strength comes from years of experience and qualified personnel, but its greatest asset is the total solution approach it takes with every customer. All Water Systems takes the time to understand the entire application and situation before making any equipment or system recommendations, concluded Hoolahan.