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Best in Class Workforce and Health Insurance Benefits

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Engagement, Empowerment, Transparency

Employers aim to gain and retain a talented workforce that is motivated, happy and productive. One significant factor for achieving this is giving employees access to quality health insurance and comprehensive benefits. Not having the right coverage at the most reasonable cost can easily disrupt employee productivity in the workplace. At the same time, a complete (and affordable) portfolio of employee benefits can be daunting to maintain. At the PTC Corporate Coverage Group, we know your overall benefits strategy has an impact on the culture you want to achieve and maintain. It is no secret that your employees who “buy in” are your top performers, consistently delivering results. Our team works with your team to define the objectives, uncover the challenges, identify the “must-have” items and reconsider those that are negotiable for everyone in the company. And we deliver the overall plan that meets your needs, with continual evaluation to make adjustments along the way. Some employers dive in and do everything at one time, while others prioritize and make improvements over time. Whichever the strategy, you will propel your company and its investment in a talented workforce forward. There are many concepts to explore that will support your “best-in-class employee benefits plans.” But let’s focus on three key areas that can have the most immediate impact: engagement, empowerment and transparency. Engagement begins with open dialogue and communications with company leadership. It is important to talk about where the company is today, and where it wants to be in the next three years. Areas of focus can include budget, expansion plans and employee demographics, with emphasis on identifying the road blocks to getting to where you want to be. Once the company vision is defined, sharing that story with employees is critical to engagement. Most companies will need to ask more of the current workforce. Asking for “more” without sharing the rewards typically is met with a “ho-hum.”
“Our team works with your team to define the objectives, uncover the challenges, identify the “must-have” items and reconsider those that are negotiable for everyone in the company.”
As engagement relates to health insurance and employee benefits, start by talking with employees and gathering data through surveys. It is not safe to assume what your employees and family members expect from your health insurance plan, or what they may be willing to change in order to reduce costs or improve in other areas. Empowerment begins with awareness, setting objectives and allowing people to find their best path to achieving goals. Empowerment demonstrates your trust and confidence in employees to do the job, meet the deadlines, exceed expectations and deliver on the tasks that move the company needle closer to the three-year vision. Empowerment in health insurance and employee benefits is providing more options from which to choose. Rather than pick one health plan that is paid by the company, choose multiple options and define the contribution, and let each employee choose the right plan for themselves. Ask employees to spend the premium investment for what they need each year in terms of coverage, access, and affordability. Transparency requires no definition as it is rooted in “black and white” truth. Engaged and empowered employees need to know how the company is actually performing. Is it profitable, or bleeding? Is the company at a break-even because of investment in new talent, locations or technology? The same holds true in health care and employee benefits. Employees who know the costs of not taking care of health conditions or maintaining good eating and exercise habits are empowered to be engaged in making changes in managing their own health! Company-sponsored education, paid time off for wellness visits, or integrated exercise time in the workplace with rewards are examples of easy-to-implement ideas. Oh, and try workplace activities that are fun! And watch stress decrease and company spirit increase! At PTC-CCG we provide you with the knowledge, tools and innovative strategies and new product solutions that are sure to help keep your workforce and employee benefit offerings best in class.