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Covestro: Making Materials to Drive EVs into the Future

“My job is to look at the future trends in the industry and align our technical development of our materials to match industry needs,” said Paul Platte, Senior Marketing Manager, Mobility-Automotive, at Covestro as he rode shotgun in our Tesla Model S cruising Pittsburgh’s South Hills. He explained that with new materials from Covestro, the limits of what is technically feasible in creating modern cars can be pushed. High-tech polymers, groundbreaking coatings and novel light functions enable a quantum leap into a new era of innovative mobility concepts that combine revolutionary design with a high standard of performance. Covestro is making great strides in finding solutions for the increasing demands in the future technologies of e-mobility and autonomous driving. Platte said Covestro uses innovative materials and processes to create applications that make cars more efficient and make them look better. Innovations also reduce the consumption of resources in production and reduce the weight of vehicles, making an important contribution to the expansion of electromobility. After all, the lighter a vehicle with electric drive is, the greater its range. He explained that Covestro’s high-tech plastics enable manufacturers to clearly differentiate themselves on interiors as well, using fl exible foam solutions and varied surfaces. Covestro also scores points in sustainability with particularly environmentally friendly applications and process technologies. In order to maintain its own innovative strength, Covestro engineers are in close contact with scientists, universities and companies all over the world. In the future, Covestro intends to further expand its dialog with external partners in order to use combined expertise to tackle the challenges the automotive industry will face in the future. Read more Roadtrip 2.0 Coverage Here.