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Crossing County Lines! A Look at Opportunities and Resources Just South of Pittsburgh

Thought Leader
By Jonathan Kersting, Associate Publisher Winter sure flew by quickly! It’s great to welcome spring and the latest issue of Made in PA. As promised, we are stretching our geographic focus of Made in PA’s Destination! editorial coverage south of Pittsburgh and even crossed the state line into West Virginia. Right in our backyard is a friendly and awesome resource in West Virginia University (WVU). The amount of research, talent and capability emanating from the university is simply staggering. Best of all, the university is looking to partner with industry on a number of levels. Check out our coverage to get a sense of the mountain magic. The Destination! coverage continues at a familiar site that has become home to countless manufacturers, energy companies and other businesses with strong roots in the region – Southpointe. Marking its 20th anniversary, Southpointe hasn’t slowed down for a second, developing an international reputation as center of business and commerce. Find out what makes Southpointe tick. What has me most excited about this issue is our cover story featuring Gerome Manufacturing. I drove south to Fayette County to visit Gerome and shoot some pictures of the shop floor. Nothing gets me more pumped than watching products being manufactured right in front of your eyes. It’s a veritable symphony for the senses! Read about Gerome Manufacturing. So, enjoy spring as summer will be here shortly. See you in a few months with more Made in PA.