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Fiber Optic Networks Power Up the Pittsburgh Region's Tech Ecosystem

Current Profile
The usual telecom company standard is to offer one-size-fits-all network services through out-of-date copper networks. DQE Communications offers custom data, internet and network solutions to businesses of every size and industry, all on a 100% fiber optic network. DQE’s rapidly growing network currently stretches more than 3,400 miles in southwestern Pennsylvania, northern WV & eastern OH. This network includes connectivity to 1,700 on-net buildings, 600+ cell towers, 15 data centers and 114 business parks. DQE Communications’ President and CEO Jim Morozzi credits the company’s success to what the team calls the “DQE Difference.” This phrase refers to what sets DQE apart from other service providers. “We provide local expertise, with 24 x 7 x 365 support. Our fiber optic network architecture is 100% built, owned and maintained by DQE. We personally design and install each customer’s infrastructure, and we’re going to be the ones who manage it. Our self-healing, fiber optic, ring-based architecture offers superior redundancy with the highest committed speeds,” stated Morozzi. Locally, DQE supports technology and business growth in the communities it serves. Morozzi notes that “Our customer base is full of groundbreaking and forward-thinking clientele, and as they innovate their services, DQE advances with them. Our product portfolio and new services are driven by the needs of our customers. The businesses and industries we serve need a strong data/IT infrastructure support system as the foundation of their business, which DQE provides and enables our customers to succeed.” When asked what he sees in Pittsburgh’s future for technology and innovation, Morozzi foresees enduring growth as the region continues to add tech startups. As technology advances and grows, more opportunity exists. “I expect DQE to be a foundational part of the success and growth of technology and innovation by continuing to be the reliable, secure data service provider for businesses in every industry – including AI, robotics, medicine and so many other categories that have seen tremendous growth recently in this area. It’s an exciting time.” Morozzi’s career has encompassed both telecommunications and electric utility industries, and prior to joining DQE, he was President and CEO with D&E Communications. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, as well as a Master of Business Administration from Drexel University. He also completed the Columbia University Senior Executive Program and serves on the board of directors at Murray Securus in Lancaster, Pa. DQE Communications helps businesses meet their IT needs now and in the future with custom network solutions, leading the industry in network performance, scalability and reliability. Contact us today at 1-866-GO FIBER or