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FPoliSolutions Receives Two Department of Energy SBIR Grants

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FPoliSolutions LLC received $2.1 million for two U.S. Department of Energy Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants for "Development of EMRALD Services in a Fully-Integrated RISMC Platform" and "Multidisciplinary Integrated Data Management Tool for Industry Applications." Development of EMRALD Services in a Fully-Integrated RISMC Platform FPoliSolutions mission is the commercialization of Risk-Informed services to the Nuclear Industry (RISMC). FPoliSolutions will add INL’s EMRALD technology to FPoliSolutions’ FPoli-AAP enterprise platform. The integration of these products will accelerate deployment of RISMC methodologies which will improve safety and reduce operation costs for the US Nuclear Power Plant fleet. Multidisciplinary Integrated Data Management Tool for Industry Applications FPoliSolutions proposes to develop and commercialize an integrated data and simulation management framework to reduce power plant operating costs. FPoliSolutions would build from the current RAVEN technology recently developed by Idaho National Lab for the purposes of commercializing an integrated data and simulation management framework for nuclear power plants operation costs reduction. According to the company's web site: "These grants will enable us at FPoli to further extend our Agile Application Platform, or FPoli-AAP. Our digital enterprise platform was architected to rapidly deploy customized digital applications to our clients. For the nuclear industry this will represent the enterprise digital platform – a product we call NexHub – that will accelerate adoption of the Risk-Informed-System-Analysis (RISA) pathway for both the operating NPP fleet as well as to support design and licensing of new advanced reactors. FPoli-AAP leverages key technologies developed by Idaho National Laboratory, specifically RAVEN and EMRALD. FPoli appreciates the DOE trusting us in our vision." FPoliSolutions is a solutions-based company focused on realizing organizations' business goals through targeted development of technology, from project conception all the way through project installation/implementation. FPoliSolutions employs a staff of highly qualified, multidisciplinary engineers that work in various domains such as Nuclear Power, Aerospace, Green Energy Solutions, Data Analysis/Machine Learning, and Software Engineering. In today’s world of enterprise systems, smartphones, and big data analytics, all of FPoliSolutions end products (correlations, software systems, software components, etc.) are built to specification and integrated into customers' existing business processes and software infrastructure. Learn more at