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GeekWire Summit Convenes Top Tech Luminaries

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The GeekWire Summit has become one of the country’s top tech events exploring what’s next in the innovation economy and discussing big technological trends that will shape society, including everything from crypto currencies to artificial intelligence to robotics and so much more. The Pittsburgh Technology Council and FortyX80 aligned its startup mission to include that summit as a networking and educational opportunity for the startup companies. Learn about them here. [caption id="attachment_4186" align="alignleft" width="300"] Kat Holmes of Google[/caption] The GeekWire Summit convened top tech leaders, including Sue Desmond-Hellman of the Gates Foundation, Glenn Kelmann of Redfin, Tony West of Uber and so many more. Presentations were inspiring and insightful charging up the audience. Here’s a quick look at some highlights: Kat Holmes, Director of UX Design at Google, said inclusive design does not mean making one thing for all people, but but providing a diversity of ways to participate. Desmond-Hellman said you must practice with generosity...figure out where you can make a unique contribution. Redfin CEO Kelman said sometimes you have to fly your freak flag and just put your soul into your job. Building a transformative company is more than an earnings call. Ring Founder Jamie Siminoff recounted his journey from Shark Tank reject to selling Ring to Amazon. Driving home from his failed Shark Tank appearance, Siminoff said he no choice to stop. Stopping would be dying! The startup mission to Seattle is powered with the help of the The Webb Law Firm, Alaska Airlines and the Allegheny County Airport Authority. The startup mission continues tomorrow. Look for Techvibe Radio podcasts with the entrepreneurs. Mmm...podcasts!