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Getting on the Map: CivicMapper Plans New Growth for 2017

Current Profile
CivicMapperAs CivicMapper heads into 2017, the 2-year-old geospatial information systems (GIS) company is on track to grow and expand—to put itself squarely on the map. [caption id="attachment_2729" align="alignleft" width="312"]CivicMapper Pictured from left are CivicMapper’s Christian Gass, Emily Mercurio and Matt Mercurio.[/caption]

CivicMapper designs maps, curates geodata and builds spatial analysis tools for government, non-profits and businesses operating in the civic sphere. It also provides consulting services and builds web applications that help civic organizations implement open mapping tools, ultimately enabling them and the public to use maps to make a difference.

“We founded CivicMapper to help civic organizations utilize modern mapping technology for the greater good,” said CivicMapper President and CEO Emily Constantine Mercurio, Ph.D. PG. “CivicMapper believes that maps built on open data and open technology are a key ingredient to civic engagement and communication. Through maps, we want to help empower citizens to hold government accountable.”

CivicMapper is a certified woman-owned business and  Mercurio expects its new “GIS Department as a Service” offering to drive growth and open new opportunities in the coming year.

The service will provide CivicMapper clients with a dedicated GIS professional or virtual geospatial technology officer ready to handle any and all geospatial projects, from civil infrastructure to planning and design to municipal management and more.

As municipalities face infrastructure and storm water mandates, especially in Allegheny County, Mercurio said that there is a lot of opportunity for CivicMapper to help. She noted that many municipalities can’t afford a full-time GIS professional to do the work, making CivicMapper’s services attractive.

Working with 3 Rivers Wet Weather (3RWW) over the last two years on a number of projects, including its Green Infrastructure Atlas and Sewer Atlas, CivicMapper will now serve as 3RWW’s GIS department.

Mercurio sees more growth opportunities to expand CivicMapper’s spatial analysis expertise and products to the business-to-business world.

“Maps are some of the most effective and efficient ways to visualize data,” said Matt Mercurio, CivicMapper’s Geospatial Technology Officer.

He continued that, when it comes to mapping and spatial analysis, CivicMapper brings specialized knowledge of geoscience, civil infrastructure and urban planning/design.  This is creating products that cover the complete geospatial technology stack to reach those business-to-business clients.

Matt Mercurio explained that a map can show more than just roadways, rivers, pipelines and infrastructure.  CivicMapper’s team members have built maps displaying such trivial data as craft beer tasting events, to highly technical geochemical maps showing the distribution of chemical concentrations in an area.

“We’re making data all of the time,” Matt Mercurio said. “If you care about where the data is, you can map it.”