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Happy 80TH! Started From an Attic, Ace Wire Spring and Form has Become an International Industry Leader

Thought Leader
By Jonathan Kersting, Associate Publisher When I heard that Ace Wire Spring and Form turned 80 this year, I knew that we had to feature the company on the cover of Made in PA. I’ve covered Ace a few times over the past several years and have always been impressed with the McKees Rocks-based company that turns out seemingly a million types of springs used across a plethora of industries. Nothing is cooler than seeing a family owned business continue to innovate and grow from such humble beginnings. It’s an honor to tell Ace’s story and demonstrate the importance of manufacturers to our ecosystem. Congrats on 80 years! Start reading now. Also in this issue, you will find a profile of All Water Systems. Bob Hoolahan started the company out of the trunk of his car when he saw an opportunity to sell better water treatment systems to homes. It didn’t take him long to solely focus on the vast potential of the industrial marketplace without ever looking back. All Water has become a recognized leader in water treatment technology. Our continuing Destination! editorial series looks at the economic growth connecting Allegheny and Beaver counties. From the Pittsburgh Airport Terminal modernization project to the Shell cracker plant well under way, there is a lot of opportunity burbling along the I-376 Corridor. We talked to corridor’s chambers of commerce for more details around the developments.