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Hervé Tiberghien on Winning the Talent War

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PPG has built its success on "Protecting and Beautifying the World" and they have also taken the lead in Winning The Talent War. The Pittsburgh Tech Council welcomed Vice President of Human Resources, Hervé Tiberghien, to the Rivers Club on Tuesday, May 29th. Throughout his presentation, Tiberghien gave insight on the background of himself as an entrepreneur and businessman, on the background of the company, and on the future of PPG. Long-time friends and partners with the Pittsburgh Technology Council is Synergy, who was also the sponsor of this successful event. Herve joined PPG in 2003 and became a member along with the 47,000 other employees that PPG supports.  

What is PPG?

PPG, Pittsburgh Plate Glass, is a global manufacturer of paints, coatings and materials. During his presentation, Tiberghein stated, "We will do anything for our customers. We are focused on achieving, and we owe all of our success to our people." PPG is a very people-intensive business who also spend a lot of time and money to refine their paint labs to produce the most ideal materials for their customers.   All things that move and those that don’t, PPG is painting the world for its customers. They have painted massive, well-known buildings such as PPG Paints Arena, to high class gathering spaces such as the River's and Duquesne Clubs. The main objective behind PPG is "Protecting and Beautifying the World." To answer the question, "Is our culture aligned with our ambition?" PPG is focusing on five imperatives for change. These include changing the pace of business evolution, looking at competing priorities, increased uncertainty, workforce evolution and employment dynamics within their company. This is a strategic business plan to create an employee experience.   PPG is mostly in competition with people of the market and if they want to win the Talent War, they must stick to a process to do so. The company must remain transparent and data driven.   To conclude his presentation, Tiberghien states, "It is important to stick to what you believe in and stay humble, have courage and be the driver of change. Inspire people through thoughtful leadership and if you believe, you will succeed." Thank you to Synergy, who are our long-time friends and partners at the Pittsburgh Technology Council and who also sponsored this successful event.  For more information regarding PPG's background, recent jobs the company completed or today's top color trends, visit their website at