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High Fiber Diet: DQE’s network boasts more than 3,000 route miles and is still growing

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By Chris Hayes, Publication Intern

Twenty years ago, DQE Communications launched with the goal of building multiple dark fiber rings in Allegheny County that would help the region “cash in on its high-tech future.” Now, that future is here, and DQE is still going strong.

[caption id="attachment_2802" align="alignleft" width="183"]DQE's Jim Morozzi DQE's Jim Morozzi[/caption]

Over the past two decades, the company has built a highly reliable network in southwestern Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia, with a very dense downtown business triangle area in Pittsburgh. DQE focuses on customized network services: Dark Fiber, Metro Ethernet, Wavelength, Internet and Colocation, mainly. These services are tailored to large enterprises, governmental entities, universities and schools, financial institutions, robotics, wireless backhaul and similar customers.

“DQE is committed to making businesses succeed,” said Jim Morozzi, President and CEO at DQE, “and the way we do this is we make their data communications top-notch. We provide network services for a wide range of customers – locally, nationally and internationally. Our focus is on customized solutions for our customers.

“At DQE, we don’t sell services – we sell solutions that are going to last and scale with the customer as they grow.”

DQE uses innovative technology to streamline efficiency, speed and responsiveness to support network and back-office functions. The company has utilized cloud solutions for back office services and next-generation hardware and software for network engineering and design. More importantly, DQE uses technology to deliver services its customers are seeking to drive their businesses, such as higher bandwidth wave services, connections to top-tier cloud services and Distributed Denial of Service attack mitigation services.

Part of what has helped DQE thrive over the last 20 years is its people. Morozzi said the company culture at DQE is something truly unique.

“We’re a small, nimble organization filled with a very engaged, enthusiastic and hard-working team,” he said. “With all of our departments residing right here in our Pittsburgh office,

[caption id="attachment_2801" align="alignright" width="372"]DQE Communications DQE Communications Management Team[/caption]

we’re able to have a fully collaborative approach to doing business. We really enjoy working with our customers to understand business needs and develop the right solution for them.”

While DQE is proud of what it has accomplished so far, the company won’t stop there. It has its eyes set toward exciting possibilities in the future, specifically growing a larger fiber footprint and growing with its customer base.

“We’ve been very successful providing connectivity to corporate headquarters and being able to add additional locations as that customer grows and, in turn, our network continues to grow along with them,” Morozzi said. “The ability to expand in scalability as well as location has provided great business benefits to our growing customers and their changing needs.”