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James Colker 1928-2019

Current Profile
It is with sadness that we lost James Colker, a visionary and business leader who helped form the Pittsburgh Technology Council. [caption id="attachment_4654" align="alignleft" width="178"]James Colker James Colker[/caption] Colker was one of the original founders of what was then known as The Pittsburgh High Tech Council. He served as the Board Chair, led the vision, supported the first President and CEO, Tim Parks, and was a committed convener of public and private leaders to drive the coalescing of the region in technology and innovation. Colker knew that Pittsburgh was going to rebound from the decimation of the 1980s, but also knew that it was a going to take muscle paired with tenacity. The Pittsburgh Technology Council extends our deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues on his passing. He will be cherished to us, at the Tech Council, who follow his vision -- to ensure that Pittsburgh is the greatest place for entrepreneurs to build tech companies. Read more about Colker's amazing work and impact here. Watch the Pittsburgh Pivot video produced to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Tech Council featuring insights from Colker. Colker's work and impact will never be forgotten, Audrey Russo, President and CEO, Pittsburgh Technology Council