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All Lines Technology is at Your Service(s)

Current Profile
All Lines Technology IT can be an intimidating concept for those looking for help. Having a consultant with expertise across various applications – while keeping an eye on the client’s budget – can help reduce those concerns. From its offices in Cranberry Township – along with sites in Warrendale, Pa., and Columbus, Ohio – All Lines Technology provides expert consulting and professional services. The company said it brings focus, determination and tenacity to IT projects and builds customized cloud and managed services solutions to meet client needs. Those solutions include Multi Cloud Computing, Advanced Microsoft Services, Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Virtualization and more. Leading its customers into the Digital Transformation era, All Lines has created Cloud Services such as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), BaaS (Backup as a Service), WaaS (Wireless as a Service), MWaaS (ModernWorkplace as a Service), SaaS (Security as a Service), DaaS (Device as a Service) and DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service). All Lines said it can help companies understand what IT resources they need based on utilization and capacity. All Lines helps increase employee productivity by providing a uniform interface to enable employees to work remotely or on the move on any device; recover from IT disasters by disassociating from any site that may have been impacted; make confidential information more secure through layered security; and even make companies greener through optimum resource usage and the lower energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint it represents. All Lines Technology strives to be a professional business partner and trusted advisor with each of its clients by streamlining and improving the way they buy, implement and manage their technology infrastructures that support their mission-critical business applications.