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Karen Puchalsky, founder and CEO of Innovate E-Commerce and John Stiles founder and CEO of Connectivity Communications co-hosted an event for business owners and IT professionals on the importance of a business defense plan against cyber-attacks. When most companies think about protecting themselves from a cyber-attack they think about it from an IT perspective. While this is a very important part of a recovery plan, Puchalsky and Stiles believe a company must have a business and IT plan outlining how they are going to continue to conduct business without access to little or maybe none of their data. “A recent cyber-attack of ransomware on a local Housing Authority should be a true indicator that attacks can happen anywhere and to any size of business,” Hackers indiscriminately attack companies,” said Puchalsky. “They don’t care if the company is big or small, any industry or government agency--They just want in!” The event was held Tuesday, Oct. 16 from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. and observed by a group of local IT experts, business owners and other professionals. Puchalsky and Stiles focused on the importance of protecting businesses, maintaining security and responding properly to a breach all while sharing tips to keep businesses, large and small, secure to prevent attacks from happening. “It takes, on average, 69 days to recover from an attack,” said Puchalsky. “It can take months to fully recover and get your business back to 100 percent. Hackers can change their game quickly, so it is important to have an action plan ready.” For more information about Innovate E-Commerce and its experience in the cyber-security, log onto About Innovate E-Commerce: Innovate E-Commerce is a global provider in B2B supply chain managed services, InVaultive an enterprise cloud file sharing, storage and collaboration solution for small to medium (SMC) and Fortune 1000 companies, and Secure Communications Gateway solution that transfers billions of critical and sensitive information adhering to Federal and Global regulations. Innovate E-Commerce is located in Wexford and is proudly celebrating over twenty years of business. For more information visit