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On the Edge Manufacturing: Butler Outfit Uses New-Age Sheet Metal Technology to Meet Client Needs & Sustained Growth

Current Profile
On the Edge Manufacturing President Tyrus Novak can still remember the past era of the sheet metal fabrication industry when there wasn't modern sophisticated technology and projects were primarily completed through manual labor. Times sure have changed. “It’s just a completely different industry,” said Novak. “The industry used to be guys with rocks and hammers. Over the last 30 years, it’s changed – not only in what we do, but how we do it.” Although amidst the rapid revolution, On the Edge’s mission still remains the same. The Butler-based sheet metal fabrication company is in the business of helping clients of all sizes in the medical, robotics and industrial power distribution fields – among others – when they need it most. In turn, they’ve established strong relationships with these companies from the quality, timeliness, and reliability of their work. On the Edge’s employs a team of 12 who turn customer designs into sheet metal using specialized machines and software technology for carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastics, fiberglass, wood and several other materials. If customers have a general idea, On the Edge takes care of the rest to bring ideas to life both quickly and efficiently – making them the perfect option for those who need their materials in a short time frame. “We focus on trying to be a one-stop shop for our customers,” said Jason Kennedy, On the Edge’s Director of Business Development “We help out small three-to-four-person teams that need a particular product, and also help out some of the biggest companies in the country when they encounter emergency situations. We do a lot of stuff behind the scenes that make that phone call our customers give us the easiest one they’ve got to deal with all day.” With state-of-the-art sheet metal fabrication technology, On the Edge provides laser cutting, CNC bending, fastener insertion, welding, powder coating, and engineering services. High-speed laser cutting: Pierces and positions materials quickly and efficiently, increasing productivity while reducing lead times. CNC brake presses: Can bend pieces of up to 10 feet long with eight-axis control to quickly turn complicated parts. Fastener insertion machines: In conjunction with stud welders, fastener insertion machines can complete most projects in 24 hours. Welding: On the Edge’s welding department uses the latest technology in Tig, Mig and spot welding. In-house powder coating: With over 25 custom finishes in stock, On the Edge can complete projects quickly and works closely with vendors to acquire custom finishes for specific applications. Engineering: On the Edge operates the latest version of Solidworks, which accepts 3D models and turns them into files for manufacturing. As for the future, Novak has his eyes on sustained growth both from an internal and clientele standpoint. “We’d like to double the size of our operation,” he said. “With technology really changing everything. All of the equipment is so fast, and the software is so different, so we’re looking to really tackle many more projects and continue to expand our customer base.”