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On the Right Track: TeleTracking Helps Health Systems Improve Quality of Care

Current Profile
By Elizabeth Byrnes As an innovative software company, TeleTracking believes it is unacceptable that patients are not able to access the care they need, when they need it, due to operating inefficiencies and unnecessary cost barriers. That’s why for more than 28 years the organization has been dedicated to helping health systems improve access to quality care with an outcomes-based combination of people, process and technology—and a focus on saving lives and giving time back to caregivers. This commitment to delivering a positive experience for patients supports the mission to ensure that no patient will ever have to wait for the care that they need. TeleTracking“TeleTracking has spent nearly three decades studying and addressing the issues of ineffi ciency in health care. During that time, we have developed THE operating platform with a focus on the patient, productivity and price. With this we have brought visibility to the ‘invisible’ problems in health care – the inefficiencies that cost lives and money,” said Chris Johnson, President. “In addition, our focus on the underlying data has given us an opportunity to build the premier analytics platform for health care operations; providing hindsight into what has happened, so we can learn from it; insight into what is happening, so we can respond to it; and foresight into what will happen so we can prepare for it. These, along with our world class consulting and advisory services allow TeleTracking to influence behavior and improve the efficacy of health care operations in a way that no one can compete with.” A pioneer in operationalizing the care continuum, TeleTracking is headquartered in Pittsburgh and prides itself on a culture defined by a sense of compassion and humility in support of its mission. TeleTracking has had a 38% growth in headcount over the past three years. That expansion is due to the acknowledgment that health systems must improve their operations and the impact TeleTracking can have, including:
  • Improving efficiency in unnecessary patient days, leading to more patients being served and dramatically reducing the average length of stay.
  • Decreasing the amount of time waiting for a bed, decreasing the mortality rate and shortening the length of stay.
  • Preventing patients from leaving when there are unoccupied hospital beds.
TeleTracking Not only is TeleTracking concerned with patient access to quality care, but their own employee wellness is integral to their culture. TeleWellness, its employee wellness program, focuses on physical, emotional and financial health and has a 75% participation rate. The program includes a best in class Wellness Fair, screenings, on-site wellness education, coaching, monthly on-site massages for employees and group wellness challenges. Corporate citizenship is another tenet of the culture. TeleTracking is the founding sponsor of Mission of Mercy Pittsburgh, a free, two-day dental clinic for under-served people living in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. A team of employee volunteers is also dedicated to identifying charities and planning events for the TeleCares program. Employees can support the charities that mean the most to them through both individual employee grants and paid volunteer days. “Human resources is dedicated to nurturing our unique culture. It’s important and it’s a competitive advantage. There is depth to it and makes it possible to continuously attract the best and brightest to further our mission,” said Keith Young, Senior Vice President of Human Resources. “It also drives employment recruitment, retention, engagement. It differentiates us in the market and it represents our values, brand and image.”