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Pittsburgh Technology Council Members BBI, CTC and Accion Make Headlines

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The latest news from the Pittsburgh Technology Council's membership:

BBI Licenses Patent Pending Visual Imaging Software to Rejuvenan Global Health

Better Body Image Corporation has licensed their patent pending, visual imaging software to Rejuvenan Global Health. RGH provides an all-digital, AI-driven Corporate Health/Wellness platform to companies of all sizes. BBI’s state-of-the art technology uses a smartphone photo to accurately visualize how a user will look over 18 weeks with weight loss, and provides users with their body measurements and waist to height ratio.  BBI’s personalized, data-based approach has been proven to drive engagement and retention in health and wellness programming. Rejuvenan is embedding BBI’s unique technology directly into its onboarding process and program for weight management.

“We are very excited about RGH incorporating BBI because it fuels our mission to help users address their weight-related issues that lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and hypertension” says Dee Barker Founder and CEO of BBI.  In the last three years, Barker and her team have developed and perfected BBI technology using 17 years of proprietary data gathering. She explains: “Visualization is a proven concept in helping people to get to a healthier weight, but personalizing it to see your own image 10, 15, even 30 pounds thinner is truly revolutionary, especially since it is based on 17 years of collected body change data.”   RGH’s Chief Revenue Officer, Dr. Michael Wolf, adds “BBI’s intellectual property fits perfectly with our platform, which is also data–based and personalized in addition to incorporating Nobel Prize-winning telomere research to deliver a turn-key solution to our customers.”

BBI™ is a revolutionary technology that shows users what their body will look like when they’ve achieved their fitness goals with weight loss.  BBI is based on 17 years of collected body data and is rooted in the physiological and psychological sciences.   Founder Dee Barker knows that Visualization + Personalization = Results, and is confident that BBI users who “See it” will soon “Be it.”  

Accion Expands North of the Border!

Accion Labs, the Pittsburgh-headquartered global technology firm that specializes in working with technology companies and IT organizations in the emerging technologies, announced its global expansion to include Accion Labs Canada, based in Markham, Ontario, on November 1, 2017.

Accion Labs’ new Canadian location is the perfect fit for the growing technology industry. Markham is known for being the “Silicon Valley” of Canada with many prominent companies headquartered there including: IBM’s Head Office, AMD Technologies, Honda Canada, BMW Canada and Honeywell Canada, to name a few.

“We have been watching the incredible growth Canada has had in recent years along with its business-friendly environment,” said Kinesh Doshi, CEO of Accion Labs in Pittsburgh, PA. “We have appointed Lee Groff to lead this new office. Lee brings deep experience in the Canada and Latin American markets. His motivational leadership style, outcome focus, employee-centric approach and innovation-in-everything philosophy will further strengthen Accion’s leadership team. We are truly excited about the potential of this operation.”

 Mr. Groff brings a wealth of knowledge in operations processes and streamlining IT service delivery. He brings more than 25 years of experience in running both public companies, Canadian divisions and private companies in the IT staffing and outsourcing business. Doshi describes Mr. Groff as a hands-on leader that empowers his staff to succeed and has a keen eye with regards to the procurement of SME talent. All the companies under Groff’s leadership have grown exponentially under his management. He believes in the power of networking and that all business relationships need to be a win-win for both parties for them to flourish.

The greater Toronto area is one of North America’s most dynamic business market places in the world, in which more than six million people call it home.  It is the fourth largest metropolitan market in North America. In addition to providing services in Canada, Accion Labs Canada has strategically set up recruitment operations in Mexico City. This will support efforts to expand not only in the Canada markets but also the Latin American markets.

Concurrent Technologies Corporation Working on Recently Awarded Task Orders to Enhance Air Force Energy Enterprise  

E2 Technologies, LLC (E2T), a joint venture between Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) and the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI), recently was awarded several initiatives under an Air Force Research Laboratory-Advanced Power Technology Office (AFRL-APTO) contract designed to improve the Air Force’s energy efficiency and independence. In August and September of 2017, E2T received several awards, ranging from 12 months to two years in duration, worth a total of approximately $3 million.

In some of the tasks, CTC will continue or complete work started on previous task order awards. For example, CTC will complete work on a flightline generator configuration that has more operational capabilities than the current Air Force flightline generators. In another task, CTC is building on previous work on a prototype Joint Operational Environment Modeling & Simulation, a framework that incorporates energy consumption information in procurement and operational planning decisions.

CTC also will begin work on new initiatives, including providing resources and support to assist the Air Force with development of an enterprise approach for systematically implementing physical, cyber-secure energy assurance initiatives supporting mission-critical assets. In another new task, CTC will provide design and prototype development support for a variable speed generator, which limits the use of fuel when demand is low, but can ramp up for sudden mission needs.

“These projects represent just some of the work that CTC has done and is doing to help ensure the U.S. Air Force has the energy it needs when it needs it,” said Edward J. Sheehan, Jr., CTC President and CEO. “Along with our partner, URDI, we provide valuable expertise in research, testing, and transition of advanced energy and environmental technologies.”

These efforts are part of a $99 million contract awarded to E2T in February 2013. E2T was created to unite the partner organizations’ complementary strengths in energy and environmental engineering to provide the best possible solutions to their clients.