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Pittsburgh Tech News Update from TandemLife, BluChip Partners and Toptal

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BluChip Partners with Hospitality Furnishings & Design to Deliver Top Talent

BluChip Solutions, an ITPS company, and one of the industry's fastest growing technology staffing firms, announced its unique partnership with Hospitality Furnishings & Design to deliver IT staffing solutions. Hospitality Furnishings & Design (HFD) recognized the specialized talents of Pittsburgh based staffing firm, BluChip, and enlisted their help to fulfill a void in their IT department. BluChip took the time to understand the needs of HFD and the culture of their work environment. HFD is on the cutting edge of innovation in the hospitality industry. BluChip made it a priority to present only the highest quality job candidates. "HFD could not be more pleased with our partnership with BluChip. Not only were they a pleasure to work with, but through our collaboration, we added two exceptional new members to the HFD team. BluChip undoubtedly brought us the best quality of IT candidates to meet our unique needs." – Randy Choplin, President of Hospitality Furnishings & Design. Chris Cochran, President of BluChip Solutions, commented, "Working with amazing clients like Hospitality Furnishings & Design (HFD) is our pride and pleasure. HFD represents the gold standard in design and procurement for hotel interiors" Cochran noted "The need for top flight talent is of highest concern for hiring managers as the talent market shrinks. Specialized and niche skill sets require high-end IT staffing solutions."

LivaNova to Acquire TandemLife

LivaNova PLC, a market-leading medical technology company, announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire TandemLife, a privately held company focused on advanced cardiopulmonary temporary support solutions. The Pittsburgh-based company offers four product systems, all built around a common pump and controller. These systems, which include ExtraCorporeal Life Support (“ECLS”) and Percutaneous Mechanical Circulatory Support (“pMCS”), are complementary to LivaNova’s strong offerings in cardiac surgery. “We are pleased to enhance our cardiac surgery product offerings with TandemLife’s complete portfolio of advanced cardiopulmonary support products,” said Damien McDonald, LivaNova’s Chief Executive Officer. “Use of ECLS and pMCS systems is on the rise, and technological advancements have made products easier to use and more efficacious, leading to growth in the number of hospitals capable of performing these advanced procedures. We will leverage our customer base and global infrastructure to increase penetration in the U.S. and to expand geographically.” With TandemLife, hospitals can deploy a versatile platform consisting of a single pump and controller upon which all of the company’s products operate. This simple platform creates ease of use for clinicians and offers mobility for patients. Each TandemLife system may include a pump, an oxygenator and cannulae for comprehensive, acute cardiac, pulmonary or cardiopulmonary care. The TandemLife® system provides cardiopulmonary support through veno-arterial ECLS. For patients experiencing respiratory dysfunction, TandemLung® provides pulmonary support through veno-venous ECLS. ProtekDuo® and TandemHeart® provide advanced pMCS for Right Heart Support and Left Heart Support, respectively.

Toptal Launches Elite, On-Demand Talent Network for Blockchain Engineering

Toptal, a global network of top engineers, designers, and finance experts that empowers companies to accelerate, adapt, and scale, has launched a new Blockchain Specialization. The new on-demand service connects businesses to an elite, distributed network of blockchain talent who have gone through a rigorous vetting process focused on finding the highest level of blockchain engineers. Since January 2017, Toptal client demand for blockchain expertise has increased by over 700 percent. In addition, as reported at the North American Blockchain Conference, there are currently 14 job openings for each available blockchain engineer in the world. Blockchain technology is driving innovation across many industries, from healthcare, to energy, to professional services. These applications can include breakthroughs in healthcare record management, renewable energy certificate trading, supply chain management, and more. However none of these will be possible over the long-term if the demand for qualified engineers is not met. By applying Toptal’s engineering expertise and distributed working model to blockchain, Toptal will address both the talent and decentralized development needs of the blockchain industry at scale. “Businesses, governments, and communities are built on trust. As such, any promise to use modern computing principles, such as blockchain, to transform how we achieve and apply trust is disruptive — perhaps on a historic scale,” says Eric Piscini, Principal and Global Blockchain Leader at Deloitte.