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Pittsburgh Technology Council Member Profile: Vaco

Current Profile
Vaco is a global management consulting and talent solutions firm that spans three countries, 40+ Offices, 4500+ Consultants, 3500+ Clients and 1000 employees; a true hybrid company that leverages a strategic consultancy in conjunction with a robust and diverse staffing practice that spans the enterprise, including:Technology, Finance/Accounting, Operations/Administration, Supply Chain/Logistics, and Compliance/Risk/Cybersecurity. It has provided:
  1. Solutions, processes and structure for organizations with complex transformational challenges such as Agile Transformations, Digital Transformations, Mergers & Acquisitions, Consolidations etc.
  2. Quality-based recruiting services for difficult-to-find talent in the areas of big data, application development and software Q/A due to explosive post-IPO growth.
  3. Expertise with deep roots in accounting, process development and integration, training, team building and financial modeling to design and implement a customized process based on the global financial team’s needs while modifying the company’s existing process, ensuring month- and quarter-end closings were accomplished on time and accurate.
Let's learn more about Vaco from Robert Bagay, Senior Director, at the new Pittsburgh office. Pittsburgh Technology Council: Vaco has an awesome slogan: "Liberating talented malcontents since 2002." Tell us more about that! Robert Bagay: This slogan ties directly into the organization’s tagline….Free Yourself! Vaco has always promoted an entrepreneurial environment for its team members. Each office within Vaco has created a unique practice that addresses the market they serve. Teamwork, passion, excellence and authenticity are core attributes that defines the Vaco culture. With Vaco…it is all about finding your “dream job” or “building your dream team!" PTC: Tell us how Vaco's unique combination of services and talent helps clients solve tough problems. Bagay: Vaco is uniquely positioned in the marketplace to help companies both at a strategic and tactical level….in addition, our consultants and recruiters are “best of breed” in the Industry. We are able to solve complex business problems, the most difficult financial problems and the hard-to-find staffing requirements. We are committed to our client’s success! PTC: What attracted Vaco to open a Pittsburgh office? Pittsburgh has a number of Consulting Firms and even more Staffing Firms! What Pittsburgh doesn’t have a is a true Hybrid Company that spans both Consulting and Staffing in such way that makes the most sense to the customer. In addition, the depth and breadth of our Service Offerings are unmatched by any other firm in western Pennsylvania. Instead of working with multiple companies, Vaco believes in One Company, One Source, One Commitment! PTC: Tell us more about Vaco's plans to grow in Pittsburgh. What will drive that growth? Bagay: Vaco is becoming a recognizable name in the Pittsburgh Market…..with clients like Google, Facebook, BNY Mellon, Giant Eagle and American Eagle…it has accelerated our growth exponentially! In addition to the Enterprise Market, we are working alongside Middle Market companies that need our Consulting, Financial, Staffing, Advisory & Cybersecurity services more than ever to compete more effectively in today’s chaotic business environment.