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PTC Member Profile: "Truth in Data" is Webbula's Passion

Current Profile

Webbula is a Wexford-based Data Solutions Provider. It utilizes proprietary technology to help its customers ensure they have the highest quality data possible, steer clear of email threats like spam traps and honeypots, and gain additional insight into their data by filling in the gaps like phone, email, postal address, interest and demographic segments. Truth in Data is Webbula's passion, and is the heart of everything it's stood for since 2009. We wanted to know more about Webbula. Here's what Senior Marketing Manager Steve Wagner had to say:

Pittsburgh Technology Council: Fill us in on Webbula's transformation as a data solutions provider?

Steve Wagner: Webbula has evolved over its 10 years in business to not just provide quality email verification, hygiene, and append services, but can also provide dozens of demographic segments that are useful across tons of B2C and B2B verticals.  Webbula's end-to-end data solution can address an organization's entire need for data verification at the point of capture, maintenance of data-points as that data ages, and enhancement of additional data points to build a more complete profile. All of our data comes from self-reported and individually linked sources. The data is deterministic which means we never use models or modeled data that artificially inflates results., The data is audited through our proprietary technology to mitigate fraud and inaccuracy, allowing us to build the best audiences possible to connect the dots, improve personalization in your messaging, and better target your marketing campaigns.

PTC: Tell our readers a little about your customers and industries that you serve.

SW: Our customers range across all industry verticals and include large well known media, retail, entertainment, hospitality, automotive and consumer products to small startups with niche markets. If you have data and are not regularly performing upkeep on it, or would like to improve the quality and amount of data you have - you are a great fit for our solution!

PTC: Any particular trends that you're paying attention to?

SW: We're seriously looking at:

  1. Fraud continues to be on the rise and companies are feeling the pain.
  2. Data governance and the proper handling of data is on the forefront
  3. Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Advertising will see its birth in 2019
  4. Despite the misnomer, email is growing in both volume and as a revenue channel
  5. Solutions providing only bounce checks will be left in the dust.  Email providers like OATH (Yahoo, AOL, etc) are shutting off these abilities.

PTC: What makes Pittsburgh a great place for Webbula to grow?

SW: Pittsburgh has attracted and continues to develop brilliant people, and has built of solid tech community to draw from. We are proud to call Pittsburgh home and want to make it the epicenter of data quality technology.

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