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The Middle Market AI Playbook

Submitted by RSM

Artificial intelligence has rapidly become a key focus for business and IT stakeholders at organizations large and small in all industries. AI technology isn’t necessarily new, but it has recently become more accessible and is quickly evolving to expand its functionality across key business operations. Today’s AI tools and applications can deliver significant value in many ways, delivering enhanced productivity and better insights that can support sustained success.

However, before you can start developing and implementing an AI strategy, you must understand what is truly possible with AI technology and how to align it to your business processes and goals. RSM US LLP’s new online guide provides critical insights into AI and how to successfully deploy an effective AI strategy, covering topics that include:

  • What AI is and what it isn’t
  • Common uses for AI solutions in the middle market
  • The AI adoption continuum
  • AI readiness
  • Taking a responsible approach to generative AI
  • Keeping up with evolving solutions
  • Getting help on your AI journey

AI is a truly transformational solution, with undeniable potential to help your company work faster and smarter. But as with any new technology investment, capturing anticipated value is not a given and depends on several factors, including choosing the right tools and implementation approach. In addition, you must be aware of the risks that AI strategies can present—especially generative AI.

"It’s a very powerful technology," said Manish Thakkar, director and AI governance leader, RSM US LLP. "You have to understand it, you have to be intentional about it—and you have to pursue it, because your competition is also going to pursue it and take advantage of it. AI has quickly become a competitive requirement."

The AI market is moving quickly, and with new tools and applications emerging seemingly on a daily basis, it’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed. Read the guide to learn more about AI solutions and strategies, and how to leverage the technology’s vast potential for powerful results: