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Rinovum's Stork OTC Helps Hundreds of Couples Conceive

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Since its introduction, The Stork® OTC, a simple-to-use home conception device, has resulted in hundreds of confirmed births. According to a ten-month study by Dr. Michael J. Pelekanos, published in the journal Surgical Technology InternationalThe Stork OTC increased sperm score concentration at the cervix by an average of 323 percent in 85 percent of couples compared to those sperm score values at the cervix with natural intercourse.
Dr. Pelekanos’ study gives hope to many couples struggling to conceive. According to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) male-factor infertility has increased 31 percent in the past four years. With one in seven couples experiencing infertility, according to the NICHD, this study illuminates a viable path for couples trying to start a family, but who are hesitant or unable to proceed with in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures.
“Three times the sperm value is quite significant for so many couples, especially with the growth of male-factor infertility,” says Dr. Pelekanos, Obstetrician and Gynecologist “Understanding the growing value of semen for successful conception, and having a technology like The Stork OTC that can deliver more sperm to the cervix than natural intercourse, this at-home conception device may greatly impact many couples on their path to building a family. The Stork OTC makes sense.”
The Stork OTC ( is an FDA-cleared over-the-counter treatment device designed to optimize the chances of at-home conception using the cervical cap insemination technique. Cervical cap insemination is a well-documented and clinically proven method of fertility treatment with a success rate of up to 20 percent. This type of treatment has been used effectively in the professional setting, but now it’s readily available to couples at home.
The Stork® OTC uses a cap inside of a condom-like sheath (the Conceptacle®) to collect the sperm and an applicator device to place the cap next to the cervix (similar to the delivery of a tampon).
Clinical infertility treatments can cost a couple upwards of $10,000 per attempt. The Stork OTC offers a much cheaper, non-invasive solution that can be can be performed in the privacy of a couples’ home. Since the number of successful pregnancies resulting from The Stork OTC is only based on those couples that volunteered their information to the company, the actual number is likely much higher.
“We were very excited to see the study results confirm that The Stork OTC delivers a significantly higher sperm concentration to the cervix,” said Stephen Bollinger, president and CEO of Rinovum® Women’s Health, and co-creator of the device. “With the data demonstrating the efficacy of the Stork OTC in aiding conception compared to natural intercourse, couples trying to get pregnant now have a safe, clinically validated option to optimize their chances with the Stork OTC.”
The Stork OTC is available for purchase at major retailers nationwide and online for the average retail price of $79.99, making it more accessible and less expensive than other first-line options for all couples trying to conceive. To learn more about how The Stork OTC works, watch the full video here. For more information and retailer and online availability, as well as pregnancy stories,