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TEQ Flipbooks


Winter: A recap of the Tech 50 and ATHENA Awards.


Education Issue: Women leading the way in education across Pittsburgh.

AI Exploration Issue: TEQ takes a deep divce into the opportunities, and challenges created by artificial intelligence.

CIO of the Year: Check out this year's winners and finalists!

Forty Forward: The Tech Council celebrates 40 years by asking its members to look 40 years into the future.


Beyond Big Data: A recap of the 2022 event plus a cover story talking to CMU Robotics Director Matthew Johnson-Roberson

CIO of the Year: Learn about the winners and finalists from Pittsburgh's top CIO event.

Apprenticeships: An overview of new programs getting underserved talent into tech.

Technology Leadership: Exit Interview with Innovation Works CEO Rich Lunak.

2022 State of the Industry Report: The latest data behind Pittsburgh's tech sector.

Dr. Coraluppi/Tech 50: We honor the legacy of Dr. Giorgio Coraluppi. Learn about the 2022 Tech 50 winners and finalists.


Tech 50 2021


Women in Technology

State of the Industry

CIO of the Year and Apprenti PGH

Getting Back to Health and Business

Columbus-Pittsburgh Connection


Tech 50: Creating an economy that works for everyone

Athena Awards: Profiles of remarkable women building better communities.

State of the Industry: The latest number behind the growth of Pittsburgh's tech sector.

Cyber: Thought leadership, insight and exprtise from cyber security pros around Pittsburgh.

CIO of the Year: Learn about this year's winners and finalists.

TEQ Looking Ahead: Learn how the PRA's Mark Thomas is excited to help lead Pittsburgh into the future.

5G4PGH: A look at the power of 5G networks


TEQ Chairman of the Board: Meet Jason Wolfe the new PTC Board Chair and hear from outgoing Board Chair Jim Cashman. Plus dig into the Life Sciences report. 

TEQ CIO of the Year 2019: Check out the winners and finalists of this year’s CIO of the Year awards honor top tech execs in Pittsburgh.  

TEQ State of the Industry 2019: Look at the latest growth numbers behind Pittsburgh’s tech sector. Plus get the latest trends and insights from local tech leaders and stakeholders.

TEQ RoadTrip 2.0: Take a spin in a Tesla Model S to visit Pittsburgh companies  innovating in the electric and autonomous vehicle markets.

TEQ Real Estate 2019: Take a tour Mill 19 and discover how Pittsburgh's tech industry is driving growth across the local real estate market.


TEQ Compunetix Anniversary Issue 2018: TEQ profiles one of Pittsburgh’s foundational tech/telecommunications companies — Compunetix — on its 50th anniversary. Also inside this issue: Maste ch Digital, Renerva and women in tech.

2018 CIO of the Year Awards: Here’s a look at the winners and finalists at the 2018 CIO of the Year Awards

TEQ Magazine Stefani Pashman

TEQ Summer 2018 Butler County: Discover the opportunities, businesses and quality of life in Pittsburgh’s neighbor to the north — Butler County. 

 TEQ State of the Industry 2018: Discover what’s driving the growth and transformation of Pittsburgh’s tech industry. Plus, we have a new venture capital report.

TEQ Magazine Education 2018 : TEQ talks to Carnegie Mellon President Farnam Jahanian about the future of higher education and his university. 

TEQ Tech 50 2018: Get a look at this year’s Tech 50 category leaders and finalists making up Pittsburgh’s biggest tech awards show.


TEQ Winter 2017 Tech Transfer/Innovation: Take a peek under the hood of Pitt and CMU’s tech transfer departments. They are Pittsburgh’s innovation engine.

TEQ CIO of the Year 2017: CEI’s D. Raja celebrates 25 years of building one of Pittsburgh’s top tech companies. Dive inside to learn more about his journey and then find out who won CIO of the Year. 

TEQ State of the Industry 2017: The Pittsburgh Technology Council reveals the latest growth numbers and trends behind southwestern Pennsylvania’s technology industry.  

TEQ Energy Innovation 2017: TEQ takes a close look at the Energy Innovation Center 

TEQ Autonomous Vehicles 2017: TEQ explores Pittsburgh as ground zero for autonomous vehicle development and standards.

Tech 50 2017: Complete coverage of the 2017 Tech 50 Awards

TEQ Exit Interview with Dennis Yablonsky: TEQ talks to former Allegheny Conference CEO Dennis Yablonsky about his 9-year tenure running the organization and its affiliates.


TEQ Winter/Cybersecurity 2016: This issue explores Pittsburgh as an emerging center of Cybersecurity. We also profile Abililife, Visibl and announce the new Creative Technology study detailing where creatives live and work.

TEQ Spring/App 2016: This issue looks at nine of Pittsburgh’s top app and app development companies. Plus we profile pair Networks, Imagine Careers, Safety4Data and more

TEQ CIO of the Year 2016: This issue details the winner and finalists of the CIO of the Year Awards. Plus BNY Mellon’s Jen Wagner is on the cover talking about the bank’s new innovation center. We also profile Voci Technologies and ECSI Heartland. Get great business building and tech advice from Dave Nelson, C-Leveled, SDLC Partners and more.

TEQ State of the Industry 2016: The PTC reports the latest growth numbers of SWPA’s technology industry, including number of companies, workforce, payroll, venture capital and more. Plus this report provides a 10-year look back.  

TEQ Summer/Converge 2016: TEQ takes a look at diversity and inclusion in Pittburgh’s tech sector to launch the new Converge initiative. 

TEQ Tech 50 Preview 2016: Get a sneak peek at the finalists for this year’s Tech 50 Awards. Plus, we have features on Othot, Chorus Call, and Gray Matter Systems.

TEQ Robotics/Tech 50 2016: Get a roundup of Pittsburgh’s top robotics companies, plus check out coverage of Tech 50 winners


TEQ Emerging Technology Jan/Feb 2015: MegaBits launches its first-ever retro, location-based MMO game. 

TEQ CIO of the Year March/April 2015: Tech Sampler: Insights of Trends and Issues.

TEQ State of the Industry May/June 2015: 2015 State of the Industry Report. Catch up on the latest employment, venture capital, payroll and company numbers.

TEQ Magazine Tech Real Estate July 2015: TEQ takes a peek at Pittsburgh’s fast moving real estate sector that is being fueled by the local tech scene.

TEQ Magazine Cybersecurity August 2015: Pittsburgh leads the way in cybersecurity research and talent to keep the world’s computers, networks and data locked down and ahead of hackers. Plus we profile local tech companies Continuum, Apps2U Logix Guru and the upcoming Thrival Festival.

TEQ Magazine Tech 50 Preview September/October 2015: TEQ previews each the Tech 50 finalists and talks to Confluence President Mark Evans about building a global company. Plus we profile SCA Technologies and more.

TEQ Magazine Tech 50 November/December 2015: TEQ Magazine looks at the 50 fastest-growing and most innovative companies in the Pittsburgh region. Plus we cover Acrobatiq, BOSS Controls, TrackAbout and more.


TEQ Emerging Tech February 2014: Profiles of Pittsburgh startups found guilty of crimes of innovation.

TEQ CIO of the Year March 2014: This issue details the winner and finalists of the CIO of the Year Awards. Also, The Beauty Shoppe turns traditional office space on its head. 

TEQ Creative Technology May 2014: Pittsburgh's new economy sits at the crosshairs of creativity and technology. 

TEQ Healthcare Technology July 2014: Pittsburgh leads the charge for vets with traumatic brain injuries. 

TEQ August 2014: See how entrepreneurs like Plus Consulting's Steve Smith built some of Pittsburgh's top technology companies. 

TEQ Tech 50 October 2014: Bill Peduto embraces technology and Pittsburgh's tech sector to grow the city. 

TEQ Big Data December 2014: Making sense of 'Big Data' and the inherent challenges and opportunities. 


TEQ Year In Review December 2013: New CMU President Dr. Subra Suresh talks about Pittsburgh, technology and new opportunities.