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The Benefits Broker: Maximizing Your Insurance Investment With PTC Benefits

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By Jessica Galardini, PTC Benefits/My Benefit Advisor Benefits costs and employee expectations continue to rise. So, the expertise and creativity provided by your benefits broker is a critical consideration. Most employers struggle to maintain a balance between quality and affordability. Historically, brokers earned your business by representing the lowest price. But in today’s employee benefits landscape, you need experienced representation that delivers beyond the lowest price insurance plans. Premium and fee pricing differentiation represented by agents and brokers is largely marginal. Today, the ROI for employers is achieved with consultative services, supplemental benefits and complementary products and services. At PTC Benefi ts, we have the professional team who learns about your challenges and needs. Our experienced benefits consultants have an in-depth understanding of the marketplace, health care reform and strategies for long-term cost containment that lead to a successful, client-focused benefits program. The strategy may include streamlining HR operations, implementing wellness platforms and accessing data to support plan designs and funding alternatives. Above all, we are your educational resource and champion.

Results-driven Strategy…

The experts at PTC Benefits have enabled many of our members to save on their health insurance premium while providing better coverage to their employees. One example is a solution specifically designed to lower costs without reducing benefits through alternative funding. It goes without saying that the best funding method varies by employer, and our experts determine the arrangement that works with consideration of your business goals, plan design, utilization history and data analytics. Implementing an alternative funding strategy can lead to informed, engaged and healthier employees and family members. Not only does this curb the costs of health care, it can lead to less absenteeism due to illness, more productive employees and improved morale. We can combine the funding arrangement with a wellness program that includes everything you need to implement, monitor and measure outcomes.

Risk management and HR support…

Proper management of ERISA and ACA Compliance requirements is of significant importance. Our Compliance Program removes the burden of complicated mandates and mitigates the risk of costly fines associated with a Department of Labor audit. Education is paramount in this area, and our timely bulletins explaining new and changing rules and regulations will keep you up to date. PTC Benefits makes available an ERISA attorney who can guide you through the complexities and legal requirements surrounding your employee benefits program. HR responsibilities and benefits administration can be daunting for any employer. HR professionals and business owners are asked to do more than ever before. Our employee benefit services provide access to benefit guidebooks, benefits videos, an online enrollment system and ThinkHR, a comprehensive HR solution that features live support, training courses and an online library. Employers are faced with a variety of issues when building a successful enterprise. The benefits professionals at PTC Benefits are consultative and equipped to provide the creative solutions and strategy management that solve challenges and support your business objectives.