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One Mic Stand: Cyber Security Year in Review with Advanticom

Interview by Jonathan Kersting

One Mic Stand


Join a discussion on what Advanticom's Keith Arnold is seeing in Cyber Security so far in 2021.  It's worth taking the time to analyze how the United States is holding its own and is perceived by the rest of the world now that we have a new president in place. It's always a question for a new presidency, how will they handle new cyber security threats.

On the cyber security front, what we have seen is an increased and ongoing escalation of the brazen attacks that are happening against our nation and US businesses in particular. 

According to Keith, it is the overall size and scale of the attacks that have happened in 2021 that is concerning.

Some of the bad actors are choosing to focus on Supply Chain types of attacks where breaching a vulnerability within and organization's software or offered services could open access to many organizations that are part of a similar eco system of shared services and so on.

December 2020 - SolarWinds Hack ( Supply Chain )

March 2021 - Hafnium Exchange Email vulnerability

May 2021 - Colonial Pipeline ( Supply Chain )

July 2021 - Kaseya Hack ( Supply Chain )

November 2021 - FBI Email Hack

These headlines are all over the internet, the nightly news, the one positive effective is that this amount of exposure has created greater awareness that it is happening. Businesses have a vested interest in wanted to do what they can to not become the next headline.