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Episode 2: Advanticom - Active Threat Incident Response Team

Interview by Jonathan Kersting

TechVibe Geek Out


TechVibe Radio geeks out with Advanticom's Keith Arnold to explore its Active Threat Incident Response Team.

Keith discusses the  benefit of leveraging a managed security service provider for your security needs is their ability to threat hunt or proactively look for any undetected threats within your network. Advanticom has the unique ability to not only defend against a breach but also engage in direct breach and incident response. We are on the edge of major incidents and outbreaks with phishing, ransomware, and advanced persistent threat (APT) groups.

Should something be identified, Advanticom's experts will begin their emergency security response which includes a plan to minimize any negative impact on the business and will immediately start the process to contain and isolate the threat. As part of Advanticom's unique solution, its team will install network sensors for IDS/IPS while leveraging EPP and EDR monitoring from our forensics team. In the event of an emergency, it can install a logging platform and correlation engine to assist in containment. This will immediately help Advanticom's managed security services group transition into eradication and remediation efforts. 

Founded in 1995, Advanticom has been delivering expert technology solutions to clients all over the region. It was founded on the concept of combining excellent service with customized, efficient solutions. Innovation and client satisfaction are our main motivators.

To provide high-quality service, you need a strong team to support those initiatives. Advanticom believes it has the best technical and supporting team members available in Pittsburgh. These talented experts are empowered to solve the problems and issues. They are constantly reviewing industry trends and concerns, paying attention to threats and new opportunities, honing in on things that can improve the efficiency and business operations of its clients.