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One Mic Stand: Amber Thompson of Conscious Unbias

Interview by Jonathan Kersting

One Mic Stand

Conscious Unbias is an Employer Review service that creates transparency of underrepresented and marginalized employees by providing a safe space, free of retaliation, to share their experiences at a company. And, help companies decrease and optimize costs associated with Diversity, equity, and inclusion using data points that correlate with organizational success.

Conscious Unbias Founder Amber Thompson is an equitable service designer that works with organizations to implement systemic social changes, bottom-up. She uses multi-method data collection methods and provides implementation support to ensure success.

She believes the answers to companies most complex problems exist within their community and change should be addressed holistically. Her process to accelerate change includes using technology to automate data collection, analyses, and monitoring progress.

Amber has helped organizations develop equitable boards, engage marginalized communities, develop the processes to distribute resources fairly, and change policies and procedures to create equitable and just practices.

Amber is a published activist and a public speaker on topics regarding equity and justice in education, sustainability, technology, media, retail, legal, non-profit, community development, and economic development. She holds a bachelor’s degree in behavioral Sociology from Point Park University and a master’s degree in Organization Development and Change from Penn State University.