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One Mic Stand: Don Racey Talks About ESG for Tech Companies

Interview by Jonathan Kersting

Donald Racey founded ENGAGE Energy & Industrial Consulting in 2017 and brings the unique ability to guide organizations through large-scale transformation and operational excellence initiatives. Don is the primary architect behind ENGAGE’s innovative project implementation approach, and he is a passionate advocate for socially conscious and sustainable business processes.

ENGAGE Energy & Industrial Consulting delivers and implements proven practical solutions to improve the financial and operational efficiency of energy and industrial organizations. ENGAGE has seasoned professionals dedicated to helping energy and industrial companies re-imagine ways to drive value and profitability. By providing deep industry perspective, insightful advice, and continuous support, Don and his team create value out of risk, and show you how to reduce costs, improve productivity and increase profits through our process.

In this episode, Don steps up to the One Mic Stand for a primer and resources on ESG. Key takeaways include:

  • Sustainability and environmental practices in the tech industry. (0:01)
  • ESG reporting requirements for companies, with focus on small and mid-sized businesses. (7:31)
  • ESG compliance and federal funding for Appalachian manufacturers. (11:45)
  • ESG practices in business, including the importance of documenting and reporting progress. (16:46)

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