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One Mic Stand: Brandon Contino, Founder of Four Growers

Interview by Jonathan Kersting


Brandon Contino Four Growers One Mic StandAre you ready to learn about the future of agriculture? We sit down with Brandon Contino, the founder of Four Growers, a company that specializes in robotic harvesting and plant analytics. Four Growers was founded with the goal of reducing the production costs of greenhouse growers through robotics technology. Brandon and his team are working closely with various greenhouse growers to develop a tomato harvesting robot that not only harvests but also performs quality checks.

During the podcast, Brandon will be sharing his insights on the latest advancements in agricultural technology and how Four Growers is leading the way in revolutionizing the industry. He will also be discussing the challenges and opportunities he has faced as an entrepreneur and how he has overcome them to build a successful company.

Learn from one of the leading experts in agricultural technology and learn more about Brandon as he shares his vision for the future of farming and the role that robotics technology will play in shaping it.