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Health Care Reinvented: Highmark Health Spins Off Lumevity

Interview by Audrey Russo and Jonathan Kersting

Health Care Reinvented


Did you know that Highmark Health likes to spin out a startup company from time to time?

Learn all about its latest spinout Lumevity -- a wholly-owned subsidiary of Highmark Health. It was formed as a result of its successful programs in organizational effectiveness, digital transformation and change management across its diverse portfolio of businesses.

The next episode of Health Care Reinvented features Deborah Rice-Johnson, President of Highmark and Chief Growth Officer; Larry Kleinman, Chief Human Resources Officer, Highmark Health, and Co-Founder of Lumevity; and Marcus Johnson, Co-Founder, Head of Sales and Delivery at Lumevity to tell you how Lumevity helps innovative leaders develop self-funding, tangible transformation programs that simultaneously improve employee engagement and increase measurable outcomes – at scale.

Discover how Lumevity evolved from a radical transformation program at Highmark Health; how it fits into Highmark Health’s overall enterprise; and how it is quickly going to market to help a diversity of industries.

Listen to this fascinating story of innovation and technology spawning from the health care industry.