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One Mic Stand: Marty Cooper, Inventor of the Cell Phone

Interview by Jonathan Kersting

One Mic Stand



It's not everyday you get to interview the inventor of a technology that transformed society and set the foundation for how business gets done today.

TechVibe Radio's Jonathan Kersting had the honor of interviewing Marty Cooper, the credited inventor of the cell phone. 

He led the team at Motorola in 1973 that developed it and brought it to market in 1983. He is considered the "father of the (handheld) cell phone" and is also cited as the first person in history to make a handheld cellular phone call in public. Listen to see who he called!

Cooper is co-founder of numerous communications companies with his wife and business partner Arlene Harris; He is co-founder and current Chairman of Dyna LLC, and also sits on committees supporting the U.S. Federal Communications Commission and the United States Department of Commerce.

In 2010, Cooper was elected a member of the National Academy of Engineering for leadership in the creation and deployment of the cellular portable hand-held telephone.