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One Mic Stand: Develop Your AI Playbook with Moreland Connect

Interview by Jonathan Kersting

Moreland Connect's Paul Franke steps up to the One Mic Stand to detail the company's unique approach to helping its clients tap into the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

Paul recognizes how organizations often find themselves paralyzed by the sheer number of options when it comes to leveraging AI, unsure of where to focus or which tools are best. Instead of spending their time trying to identify the perfect use case or the ideal tools, Moreland Connect's roadmap is designed to guide your organization through a successful pilot and lay down the essential groundwork to implement Generative AI tools throughout their enterprise efficiently.

Plus, Paul details Moreland Connect's out-of-this-world tech team, having fun at work and building closer ties to the Pittsburgh region. In the meantime, get your AI Playbook right here