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One Mic Stand: Lt. Gray Chynoweth of NavalX

Interview by Jonathan Kersting

NavalXLt. Gray Chynoweth, Deputy Director for Strategy & Engagement at NavalX stopped by the Pittsburgh Technology Council's offices to address a standing room-only crowd as part of its effort to identify relevant solutions from small business, start-ups and academia to address some of the Navy’s most pressing challenges and operational needs.

Gray stepped up to the One Mic Stand to give us more detail on NavalX and what has him stoked about Pittsburgh.

NavalX is similar to other DOD organizations such as AFWERX, SPACEWERX and the Army Applications Lab.  Established in 2019, Naval X engages the small business community through several key programs and initiatives.

As one example, the team at Naval X manages the Navy’s Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program, which plays a key role in advancing dual-use and other critical technologies. Consisting of nearly $300 million in annual awards, the SBIR program helps to address major challenges facing major Navy commands such as: NAVSEANAVAIR and the Marine Corps Systems Command