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TEQ One Mic Stand: Geeking Out on the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

Interview by Jonathan Kersting

One Mic Stand

Prepare yourself for a complete geek out on the 2022 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. For The Grand Prix's 40th Anniversary, it picked Porsche as the Official Marque. The Grand Prix runs from July 15-24.

In honor of this special event and One Mic Stand Host Jonathan Kersting's dyed-in-the-wool passion for all things Porsche (and VW), this episode completely dorks out on all things Porsche, Porsche technology, electric vehicles, flat six cylinder motors (turbo and otherwise) and so much more.

Who better to discuss such important topics with Kersting than Dan DelBianco of the Vintage Grand Prix, Joe Valasek of Porsche Pittsburgh, Mike Broeker of Epiphany Environmental Solutions and Grand Prix volunteer/Porsche aficionado Sam LaManna?

Strap on your seatbelt. It's a quick ride!