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Health Care Reinvented: Highmark Health's Chief Analytics Officer Richard Clarke

Interview by Audrey Russo

Take a deep dive with Highmark Health's Chief Analytics Officer Richard Clarke on the next episode of Health Care Reinvented. Learn how Richard and his team focus on delivering innovative data and advanced analytic solutions that fulfill Highmark Health’s mission of creating a remarkable health experience, freeing people to be their best.

Of note, Richard will go into detail with the Pittsburgh Technology Council's Audrey Russo about the Living Health Platform and the partnership with Google Cloud to build a highly personalized model that puts people and their clinicians at the center of a simpler, better coordinated experience.
While at Highmark, Richard has led several analytics teams as well as Product, Clinical Services, and Human Centered Design. In 2020, he moved into the chief analytics officer role, overseeing all data and analytics for Highmark Health. Wherever data and health care intersect, Richard is there. Learn more about Richard and his fascinating work.