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One Mic Stand: Problem Solutions Launches SalesSage AI Assistant

Interview by Jonathan Kersting

Advancing standards and technology products since 2004, Johnstown-based Problem Solutions' deep experience shows us that the place where the physical and digital intersect has the largest ability to impact the world in positive ways.

With Mike Hruska at the helm, Problem Solutions has stayed committed to accelerating technology and strategies that drive real results. Mike steps up to the One Mic Stand with Brooks Canavesi to talk about its first product SaleSage.

SaleSage was originally developed as an inhouse tool bring the power of AI to make Problem Solutions' sales processes streamlined and more robust. As SalesSage was demoed to a few current customers/partners they witnessed firsthand the power of the technology and became customers of the product.

It didn't take long for Mike and the team turn it into its first product available to every business. Listen and learn how SaleSage is empowering sales efforts and effectiveness. Learn more at