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TEQ One Mic Stand: Shea Murtaugh of Hoffmann Murtaugh

Interview by Jonathan Kersting

One Mic Stand

Shea Murtaugh, Founder of Hoffmann Murtaugh, steps up to the One Mic Stand to talk about the demise of the internet cookie. Yep, first person data is taking over. Couple that with internet users more concerned about their privacy, the cookie is about to crumble.

Learn how some of the top ways to effectively gather and use first person data to better market to your customers on-line.

Shea's team has a collective experience that spans various industries and media disciplines, with expertise in a wide array of targets, markets, product lines, and campaigns for national and local clients alike. Essentially, this means two things: Hoffmann Murtaugh knows how to navigate the competitive and fragmented media landscape, and it has the team, experience, and tools in place to ensure success.

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