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Emerging Tech Law Series: Pittsburgh's Space Industry Takes Off!

Interview by Jonathan Kersting

For this episode, we are talking with Justine Kasznica who is a shareholder with law firm Babst Calland where she is Chair of the firm’s Emerging Technology Practice. Justine is also at the center of the Pittsburgh region’s growing space industry. She is the founding member and Board Chair of the Keystone Space Collaborative as well as a founding board member of the Moonshot Museum. She also serves as outside general counsel to a number of aerospace clients across the U.S.

Hear Justine talk about:

  • The current state of the region’s space industry in the public and private sector.
  • What makes the tri-state area an attractive place for today’s space industry.
  • How involved are local technology companies and the universities in the growing interest in commercial space development.
  • With new laws and regulations that are emerging with this dynamic industry, discover how Babst Calland is positioned to support these space and related tech companies.