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TechVibe Neighborhood Tour: CUSTOS IQ Puts Cybersecurity on the Offense

Interview by Jonathan Kersting

The TechVibe Neighborhood Tour (TNT) kicks off this Sunday (4/28) at the Huntington Bank in Sewickley! Our first guest is Sewickley-based CUSTOS IQ, an Offensive Cybersecurity organization, providing MSSP Services, Security Assessments, Large-Scale Data-Center Consulting and Market leading API Security Tools.

Tune in to learn how CUSTOS IQ's organization wide, forward defense philosophy is aimed at managing customer risk, proactively preventing intrusion, maximizing productivity and decreasing downtime. Plus learn how Huntington Bank has become a pillar in the Sewickley Valley.

The Sewickley TNT will feature CoSage on 5/5 and Sewickley Academy on 5/12, so keep tuning in!?